Smart Series

Our Smart Series tall tubular batteries, engineered for reliability and efficiency. With a robust tubular design and spill-proof vent plugs, they ensure durability and safety. Their optimized negative paste allows fast charge acceptance, providing consistent backup throughout their long service life.

With minimal water loss and low self-discharge rates, the Smart Series offers reliable power for critical applications. Trust the Smart Series for superior performance and longevity.


Available Models


Experience Reliable Power with EM-220SS!

Ensures reliable energy with its 12V, 220Ah capacity. Compact yet robust at 506mm (L) x 192mm (W) x 405mm (H) and 62.9kg, it's designed for efficiency and longevity.

Nominal Voltage12
Rated Capacity220
Net Battery Weight62.9
Terminal TypeL
AH Efficiency>90%
Available MarketAF, ME, CIS, LATAM

Product Features

  • Robust Tubular with High Pressure diecasted spine- resulting low rate of spine corrosion.
  • Spill Proof Vent plug - resulting in no spillage on top and low controlled acid fumes.
  • Optimized Negative paste receipt for fast charge acceptance
  • Consistent backup throughout life
  • Excellent behavior in PSOC condition as compare
  • Low Self Discharge
  • Excellent performance on deep cyclic application as compare to AGM VRLA
  • Very High Design & Service Life
  • Low Water Loss




Batteries play a pivotal role in a diverse range of applications, serving as essential components in various sectors, spanning from energy storage to electric vehicles.

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