Dawn Series

Our Dawn Series tall tubular batteries, with 5% extra capacity & backup, stunning performance, and new inbuilt terminal PDC, they ensure higher current carrying and low sulfation.

Featuring low water loss, extended service life, and the ability to withstand frequent outages, these batteries promise minimal maintenance costs and recovery from deep discharge. With superior thermal management and factory charging, they offer immediate use and long-lasting reliability.


Available Models


Uninterrupted power supply. Choose Dawn Series.

Power Unleashed with EMDS-220. Superior 220Ah Capacity | Over 90% Ah Efficiency | Robust Construction | Relentless Performance | Minimum Maintenance Cost

Nominal Voltage12
Rated Capacity220
Net Battery Weight66.11
Terminal TypeL
AH Efficiency>90%
Available MarketAF, ME, CIS, LATAM

Product Features

  • 5% Extra Capacity & Backup w.r.t. Rated Capacity.
  • Stunning performance, Stunning technology.
  • New Inbuilt terminal PDC for higher current carrying & Low sulfation.
  • Low Water Loss.
  • Long battery service life with High back-up time.
  • Ability to withstand long and frequent power outages.
  • Big Size container design ensuring high acid level, ensuring minimum maintenance cost.
  • Ability to recover from deep discharge.
  • Have better thermal management.
  • Factory charged - Ready to use.




Batteries play a pivotal role in a diverse range of applications, serving as essential components in various sectors, spanning from energy storage to electric vehicles.

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